UPDATE: 9/27/13 – Fuck it. After Krahulik’s recent tone-deaf remarks, fuck it. Here’s the damned Dickwolves cartoon I’ve been sitting on (not because of any reason other than I thought I should just let it go). And Fuck It a Deux: I changed this comic from “He pissed off some kids” to the more accurate “He’s kind of a dick”.

[original post from 2 or 3 months ago follows]

Like… you thought I was dead, right?

So I have this un-published Dickwolves cartoon. It just sits there not being seen. And I think it’s pretty good actually. But publishing it so long after the actual thing just seems… weird/wrong.

After Mike’s very genuine-seeming second apology about his latest blow-up, I started thinking about that cartoon… and the cartoon above came out of it. I dashed it off on my new Yiynova tablet (Thanks, Frenden, for the recommend).

But, see, I’m still not really sure the whole Dickwolves thing was every properly put to rest. So this recent apology actually has me thinking more and more that maybe I DO want to publish it. But the thing is, I like him and I want him to be better and I think he genuinely wants to be better. And I don’t want to be a jerk. Don’t be jerks, kids. That’s one to grow on.

But… I’ve got this goddamned comic just sitting here! *sigh*

PS – The word ‘kids’ just sounds better. It’s not meant to be literal. (Also, hover over the image…)