You wanna talk about ‘shadow of the Bat’? Talk to Tim Drake. That kid can’t get a break.

Not that Dick Grayson has it easy what with having to go from teenager to Batman-sized adult in a couple of years. You see, the DCnU, as they call it, has the Batman man-boy saga compressed down to five years. In that time Batman has had four, count ’em, four Robins. And one of them, Dick, also had to fill in for Batman for awhile somewhere in that five years. Oh, and Batman had to father Damian at some point. But when it’s convenient (see Batman #1) they’re all of an age and size you’d expect a succession of boy wonders to be. Small Damian, slightly bigger Tim & Jason, a little bit bigger again Dick. …Until they’re not. Bam, Dick’s a man-sized man in Nightwing. Jason’s a man-sized man-child in Red Hood and The Misogynists (or something like that).

But have to give it up for DC. It’s a bold choice to immediately fill your new shiny universe with anachronisms and head-scratching math problems. But then, for once, you find that Tim Drake gets a break. He’s an age-appropriate teenaged Teen Titan as Red Robin in Teen Titans.

I’m sure he’ll be brutally murdered soon to make up for this good fortune.