Happy Thanksgiving, gobblers. This one is late or early depending on your point of view. You decide! It’s like one of those choose your adventure things!

So, sure. Superman puts on some glasses and he’s Clark Kent and nobody recognizes him. It’s the oldest joke in the comic book. But what about Batman’s assorted ‘fiendishly’ named fiends? I mean, if he couldn’t figure out that E. Nigma was the goddamned Riddler, what kind of damned dark knight detective is he? But then… you can take that too far.

Not ALL of his villains had clever ‘look at me!’ names. Some of them just want to watch the world burn and tell you about their scars. Hell, I’m sure we’ll soon be treated to yet another Joker origin story in the “New 52” universe. After Batman and Catwoman stop having sex, I mean.